Friday, February 19, 2010

Personal Development

personal development is a subject that I take for second semesters program bachelor's degree in business insurance.

personal development related to how to improve self-esteem and a good performance. when I studied this subject, I can identify characteristics of individuals who have high self-esteem.
those with high self-esteem that usually confident of themselves, self-directed, decisive eager to express ideas, loving and lovable, assertive, and get along well with others.
they also accept themselves unconditionally, tolerate frustrations well and are willing to take calculated risk.

People with low self-esteem are generally shy, pessimistic, poor risk takers, non-assertive, indecisive, feel unlovable, lack self-acceptance, and "toxic" in their relationships with others.
when I studied this subject, little by little I can enhance my self-esteem. I can reduce feelings of shame in the other partner, dare express opinions and can also communicate well.
other than that, I can learn how to be good performer, become a effective leader.

Listed here how to enhance self-esteem.

1. Gaining Self-Awareness (Who am I?)
2. Learning Self-Acceptance (Loving Myself)
3. Taking Charge of Your Life (What Do I Want Out of Life)
4. Taking Action (Getting What I Want Out of Life)
5. Monitoring Progress (Am I on Target?)

Besides can enhance myself, I also can overcome my shyness.

can make us feel low self-confidence. but shyness is a common and everyone of us have felt shy at some time in our lives. many of us hesitate to introduce ourselves to others. the degree of shyness varies from individual to individual. may be for some people, their shyness has been limited primarily to a few social situations. for me personally, i sometimes also feel so shy, i don't know why, but hu8 cause i seen my charm prince may be..hu9 shyness can become a major problem. they feel uncomfortable in social functions and tense when they are with people that they don't know well.

we should identify what is shyness in order to overcome it. shyness is regarded as a form of social anxiety where the individual may experience a range of feelings from mild anxiety in the presence of others to unreasonable fear of people. shyness is limited to specific situations such as speaking in public, and type of people such as strangers, the opposite sex and superiors.

we can identify behaviours people that associated with shyness, he or she reluctance to talk, inability to make speeches, difficulty in making eye contact and keeping a low profile. physical symptoms of shyness include sweaty hands, pounding heart, trembling, blushing, butterflies in the stomach and dry mouth.

Causes of Shyness...

there are several cause that contribute to shyness can divided into basic cause, main cause, and other possible cause.

example of basic cause is lack of social skills. meaning is shy people don't know to art of introducing themselves and starting a conversation,have poor "body language" and are non-assertive. in short, they haven ever really learned how to interact successfully with people.
the main cause of shyness is anxiety which could be due to law self-esteem, negative past conditioning, or unpleasant experiences.
other possible cause of shyness are physical handicap or unattractive appearance, social norms which do not encourage children to express ideas and feelings freely and overemphasis on competition.

whatever in world have the effect. shyness is also included has effect to people who is shyness.

(1) makes people difficult to meet new people or to make new friends.
(2) prevents from speaking up for express your own opinions and values.
(3) limit positive evaluation by others of your personal strengths.
(4) leads to negative feeling of depression, anxiety and loneliness.
(5) difficult to think clearly and communicate effectively.

to be a good person in the world, besides has a self-confidence, we also should be a assertive person. due to that, we need to overcome our shyness. there are many way to overcome shyness such as :

1-learn to accept and like yourself. be your own best friend. your should avoid comparing
yourself negatively with others. dwell on your strengths, not your weaknesses. if you don't
like yourself, how do you expect anyone else to?

2-have faith in yourself and your abilities. build up your self-confidence by performing
challenging tasks. you will never know what you can do until you try!

3-learn to be assertive. express your feelings and opinions honestly without violating the rights
of others. say "no" to unreasonable request.

4-get out and talk to people. join a club and hang out with people who have similar interest. go to
places where you feel comfortable and strike up at least one conversation with others.

5-practise "role playing". rehearsing the desired behaviour with trusted friends.

lastly we enhance our self-esteem and shyness, InsyaALLAH we can be a good student and also good workers in future..

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