Monday, April 5, 2010

cinta kamu..

aku cinta aku harus redha dengan ketentuanmu yaALLAH.
andai ni takdir ku, engkau jadikan la aku hambamu yg rela dgn segala pemberianmu & ujianmu..
ak msh berharap yaALLAH, agr jodohku bersama nye..
aku terlalu cinta die..
mfkan aku yaALLAH ats sgle kekhilafanku..
aku ingin mencintaiMu lebih dr sglenye..
ampunkn aku yaALLAH..
aku menyesal akn sgle perbuatan ku,,
panjangkan la jdh kami yaALLAH..
ats namaMU yaALLAH..
aku mencintai dia..

Monday, March 1, 2010

"life insurance"

Caveat Emptor when buying insurance…..

In this high tech world we live in today buying the right type of insurance for your family is not easy ! With all the media blitz's on buying life insurance saying how easy and no salesman will call you may think why bother with an agent.

No one including myself likes a high pressure sales pitch but maybe you are looking at it the wrong way. When I meet with a client my job is to help educate them, teach them the how's and why’s of insurance and then to help them to decide what may help their particular situation.

Most people do not understand the difference between accidental and basic life coverage or the ramifications of term verses permanent. The wrong choices now will affect you for a lifetime because all these types of coverage are based on age, the older you get the more it cost! Let alone if the policy has limited benefits you may not have the claim paid when you need it the most.

I think another important thing is people don’t realize that all these programs are underwritten...meaning you need to qualify! So if you are part of the 50% of people who have had any medical condition or are overweight or do not meet these companies stringent guidelines you will be declined! Our job is to make sure you qualify for the programs we quote. When you do an application online or via phone these people do not care if you qualify they just want an application. I have seen it more than once, people declined by some company with ridiculous guidelines.

The best way to prevent problems is take the time to meet with an agent to discuss your situation. Everyone has different goals and needs and if any TV ad or website or radio commercial tells you different - caveat emptor!!!!

Beware of the agent replacing Insurance coverage

Has anyone contacted you to replace an insurance policy...if so BEWARE. The agent that replaces policies, especially life and disability is not always doing so in your best interest. I had a case recently which upset me because after all was said and done my former client has no coverage. An agent approached her with some mortgage protection which was by no means comparable and on top of all that outright lied about her current policy and it’s benefits. The sad thing is with all the confusion and deceit by this other agent she cancelled both policies so now my former client has nothing. If something happens to her, her child is left with nothing just because some unethical agent wants to make a few bucks!!

It seems that every week I get another letter form one of my companies about yet another policy replacement. The thing that scares me is all these agents are not making a fair comparison. Many of these replaced policies have disability coverage included and they do not even offer this additional rider. Each time I ask the client they always say Yes they have the disability coverage. Seems odd to me considering they don’t have it available….think maybe these agents are telling the truth...I doubt it!

There are some companies out there whose whole ethic is to replace policies and their prices are not even competitive. Let alone most of their agents are very under qualified. The objective with these companies is to work on friends and relatives so every time I hear a certain companies name it is “ my friend or relative sold me the policy”. It would be better to make sure by comparison if the coverage is good to keep friends honest, look at several companies. The bottom line is if someone wants to replace any current coverage for you make sure to talk to your agent or broker before you do anything!!!!!

Don’t let anyone steal the proper coverage from you..

"I and People with Disabilities"


all men want to be a perfect human being. but behind other human perfection is a human lament the lack of them. what least be a flawed human being? too humiliated them in the eyes of the perfect?
I never feel a lack of human well-equipped. but all my dormant so that it remains a secret to my life eventually. too difficult to express but too heavy for the save. become a disability is a gift that any person who has perfection. why I say so because people with disabilities smarter evaluate which is better than perfect people. disability means someone should not be treated like animals but with love. which distinguishes the human animal is reasonable. sense that conferred by the creator should be used righteously.
people with disabilities should we loved because they are also human beings who want to loved. sometimes this is that they create success in their lives. they are more valuable than gems. what makes them successful is the spirit which is not easily break down and do not know the meaning of fear even though they lack.
lack of them that make people with disabilities is resilient and strong to face challenges and unexpected. with them so they had to deal with public insults against them. are they in contempt? who will defend their destiny? human is human. did not feel enough for what they have until the rights of the disabled was also hijacked!
who is responsible for themselves? is whether the party they consider as part of their family? I am sad when people treat other people with disabilities this or "I" like we do not have feelings like them.
too many issues involving people with disabilities who cannot be completed, we must treat them regardless of who they are and how their condition.
what is important, people with disabilities are also people like us who want respect, appreciation and affection. what I am trying to say is people do not consider this a perfect yourselves properly because there is no difference in the eyes of God. we all still slave. I talked about people with disabilities this reason I think "I never become like them, only fate that makes me like now" and I also have an older brother with disabilities. what is important, they are valuable in themselves and I do not want people close to me out there on contempt of view people with disabilities. we live in the world only temporary.I hope in future there are no more people will look down on people with disabilities. I hope I can be a guardian to them by Allah's leave. I, the disabled there is no difference because I had become like those who want recognition as human beings. I may have a way to approach their teaching experience and I appreciate them more for the "disabled".

who will defend their destiny????

Friday, February 19, 2010

Personal Development

personal development is a subject that I take for second semesters program bachelor's degree in business insurance.

personal development related to how to improve self-esteem and a good performance. when I studied this subject, I can identify characteristics of individuals who have high self-esteem.
those with high self-esteem that usually confident of themselves, self-directed, decisive eager to express ideas, loving and lovable, assertive, and get along well with others.
they also accept themselves unconditionally, tolerate frustrations well and are willing to take calculated risk.

People with low self-esteem are generally shy, pessimistic, poor risk takers, non-assertive, indecisive, feel unlovable, lack self-acceptance, and "toxic" in their relationships with others.
when I studied this subject, little by little I can enhance my self-esteem. I can reduce feelings of shame in the other partner, dare express opinions and can also communicate well.
other than that, I can learn how to be good performer, become a effective leader.

Listed here how to enhance self-esteem.

1. Gaining Self-Awareness (Who am I?)
2. Learning Self-Acceptance (Loving Myself)
3. Taking Charge of Your Life (What Do I Want Out of Life)
4. Taking Action (Getting What I Want Out of Life)
5. Monitoring Progress (Am I on Target?)

Besides can enhance myself, I also can overcome my shyness.

can make us feel low self-confidence. but shyness is a common and everyone of us have felt shy at some time in our lives. many of us hesitate to introduce ourselves to others. the degree of shyness varies from individual to individual. may be for some people, their shyness has been limited primarily to a few social situations. for me personally, i sometimes also feel so shy, i don't know why, but hu8 cause i seen my charm prince may be..hu9 shyness can become a major problem. they feel uncomfortable in social functions and tense when they are with people that they don't know well.

we should identify what is shyness in order to overcome it. shyness is regarded as a form of social anxiety where the individual may experience a range of feelings from mild anxiety in the presence of others to unreasonable fear of people. shyness is limited to specific situations such as speaking in public, and type of people such as strangers, the opposite sex and superiors.

we can identify behaviours people that associated with shyness, he or she reluctance to talk, inability to make speeches, difficulty in making eye contact and keeping a low profile. physical symptoms of shyness include sweaty hands, pounding heart, trembling, blushing, butterflies in the stomach and dry mouth.

Causes of Shyness...

there are several cause that contribute to shyness can divided into basic cause, main cause, and other possible cause.

example of basic cause is lack of social skills. meaning is shy people don't know to art of introducing themselves and starting a conversation,have poor "body language" and are non-assertive. in short, they haven ever really learned how to interact successfully with people.
the main cause of shyness is anxiety which could be due to law self-esteem, negative past conditioning, or unpleasant experiences.
other possible cause of shyness are physical handicap or unattractive appearance, social norms which do not encourage children to express ideas and feelings freely and overemphasis on competition.

whatever in world have the effect. shyness is also included has effect to people who is shyness.

(1) makes people difficult to meet new people or to make new friends.
(2) prevents from speaking up for express your own opinions and values.
(3) limit positive evaluation by others of your personal strengths.
(4) leads to negative feeling of depression, anxiety and loneliness.
(5) difficult to think clearly and communicate effectively.

to be a good person in the world, besides has a self-confidence, we also should be a assertive person. due to that, we need to overcome our shyness. there are many way to overcome shyness such as :

1-learn to accept and like yourself. be your own best friend. your should avoid comparing
yourself negatively with others. dwell on your strengths, not your weaknesses. if you don't
like yourself, how do you expect anyone else to?

2-have faith in yourself and your abilities. build up your self-confidence by performing
challenging tasks. you will never know what you can do until you try!

3-learn to be assertive. express your feelings and opinions honestly without violating the rights
of others. say "no" to unreasonable request.

4-get out and talk to people. join a club and hang out with people who have similar interest. go to
places where you feel comfortable and strike up at least one conversation with others.

5-practise "role playing". rehearsing the desired behaviour with trusted friends.

lastly we enhance our self-esteem and shyness, InsyaALLAH we can be a good student and also good workers in future..

Useful Tips In Becoming A Good Student

you can be like them??

Being a good student means you have the ability to think. This is because the power of reasoning does not come automatically along with your intelligence. They are a separate entity. It is an ability and we the ones who have to develop them. Sharp thinking should be nourished and put to use until it grows because this will lead to a great mind.

Here are some useful tips that you can do to develop a sharp thinking:

1. Gauge your actions versus the consequences

We learn through experiencing things. It is called applied learning But our actions can either go into two ways; good outcome or bad outcome. What we should do is to be able to measure what actions we have to do against all the consequences whatever they may be, think before you act, so to speak.

2. Daydream.

Daydreaming can produce better and deep insights about life and about things we seldom think about. There we experience what we want and define what will happen. It can also make our minds be more creative. They say daydreaming is just a nuisance and a disturbance but actually when done appropriately will exceed that of the sharpest mind.

3. Answer thought-provoking questions.

You have got to challenge the limit of your mind by provoking how far your answers can go. How appropriate your answers are and how satisfying they can be to the question.

4. Learn to invent.

You have to discover how to do things your own way and invent it using different methods. In this way your mind will perceive all as different paths toward the same direction. This is a good way of saying that whatever path you choose, you will never get lost. Do not rely on pre-defined ways because sticking to this and only this will not get you anywhere should something come up.

5. Find different angles of the problem.

If you are presented with a problem it is better that you learn how to look at it in different angles so that you can solve it also in different ways. Looking at a problem in a defined manner will not bring as many solutions as there could be.

6. Comparison is better.

When given different situations compare them to one another. In the same manner when you are only given one option, you have you make another one and compare the two. This way your mind will seek better if not best option among all.

7. Definition of terms.

You need to be able to define the terms you will use in order for you to be clear on what you really mean. Sometimes words can be used wrongly that is why confusion and misunderstanding come into play.

8. Have several opinions.

If you are facing a certain issue, you will need different opinions regarding this to come up with your own way of handling the issue. Great minds are open to different outlooks.

9. Be able to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

Great minds do not think only of themselves and what they do. They also think of how someone will react, feel and think of the tables are turned.

10. Write stuffs.

The power of pen on paper can be greater than any great mind. They can remember even the faintest ideas while great minds can forget.

11. Think one step ahead.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I whisper to the moon,
Return to me,
My companion,
My lover,
My heaven,
Without him,
night is my companion,
Loneliness holds me in its embrace,
Don't let day come,
Leave the world in twilight,
Let be lonely like me... Without You!!!!

Four tips to say "no".

there are four things that we need to remember not say when. if we can practicing ourselves said "no", we certainly will not trouble by others again.


give reasons.
if we reject categorically and without reasonable excuse, for sure we are known as lazy people who refuse even as we work our marriage too much. So, before saying the word "not" identify why we had to say so and explain to him.


there is a risk when we say "no". usually they cause others offended, disappointed and even there the angry. therefore, do not use these words indiscriminately. methods use diplomacy. sense of wise use.


suggest alternatives for balancing the rejection.
if we are unable to say "yes", never ignore the person requesting it. trying to help as far as we are able to offset the rejection. we can move people more qualified or move the directory, for example where he can get more list of names that can help.


do not suspend the decision.
of course we heard people say, "Hmmm .. We'll think of me first." words like this does not actually forward the request, sometimes causing even think about wine. Usually defer the decision because they did not dare to say "no". after a few days later, a new variety of reasons that he gave tailored-design. if this is what we do, sure we insulted by people. do not be afraid. make decisions quickly and specify the diplomacy.


Listening to your heart,
finding out who you are, is not simple,
it takes time for the chatter to quiet down.
In the silence of "not doing" we begin to know what we feel.
If we listen and hear what is being offered,
then anything in life can be our guide.

~ Unknown ~