Monday, March 1, 2010

"I and People with Disabilities"


all men want to be a perfect human being. but behind other human perfection is a human lament the lack of them. what least be a flawed human being? too humiliated them in the eyes of the perfect?
I never feel a lack of human well-equipped. but all my dormant so that it remains a secret to my life eventually. too difficult to express but too heavy for the save. become a disability is a gift that any person who has perfection. why I say so because people with disabilities smarter evaluate which is better than perfect people. disability means someone should not be treated like animals but with love. which distinguishes the human animal is reasonable. sense that conferred by the creator should be used righteously.
people with disabilities should we loved because they are also human beings who want to loved. sometimes this is that they create success in their lives. they are more valuable than gems. what makes them successful is the spirit which is not easily break down and do not know the meaning of fear even though they lack.
lack of them that make people with disabilities is resilient and strong to face challenges and unexpected. with them so they had to deal with public insults against them. are they in contempt? who will defend their destiny? human is human. did not feel enough for what they have until the rights of the disabled was also hijacked!
who is responsible for themselves? is whether the party they consider as part of their family? I am sad when people treat other people with disabilities this or "I" like we do not have feelings like them.
too many issues involving people with disabilities who cannot be completed, we must treat them regardless of who they are and how their condition.
what is important, people with disabilities are also people like us who want respect, appreciation and affection. what I am trying to say is people do not consider this a perfect yourselves properly because there is no difference in the eyes of God. we all still slave. I talked about people with disabilities this reason I think "I never become like them, only fate that makes me like now" and I also have an older brother with disabilities. what is important, they are valuable in themselves and I do not want people close to me out there on contempt of view people with disabilities. we live in the world only temporary.I hope in future there are no more people will look down on people with disabilities. I hope I can be a guardian to them by Allah's leave. I, the disabled there is no difference because I had become like those who want recognition as human beings. I may have a way to approach their teaching experience and I appreciate them more for the "disabled".

who will defend their destiny????

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